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Terms of use

The terms of use of the above website are written in the masculine language, but what is said in it refers to both women and men.

  • Intro

The “” system, (hereafter “the website”) is a website operated by Kosherwhere LLC (hereafter “the operator”) and serves as an electronic visa issuance service  and visa approvals  for various countries, and you are invited to participate in it Subject to your agreement to the terms of use which will be detailed below. If you do not agree to the site regulations – in whole or in part – you may not use this site for any purpose whatsoever.

In addition, the use of this website for all its contents and the services offered therein, downloads of files, media such as images and videos and the various contents offered to visitors may change from time to time or depending on the type of content.

The website management reserves the right to update the terms of use presented below from time to time and without notice or special mention in the various website channels.

  • Intellectual Property

The website as well as all the information on it including the website design, website code, media files including graphics, videos, photos, texts, files offered for download and any other material displayed on the website belong fully to the aforementioned website and constitute the exclusive intellectual property of the “” website. Hey” and they should not be used without prior written approval from the “” website.

In addition, do not distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, imitate or process pieces of code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media and content without having written permission from the website team in advance.

  • Site content

We strive to provide you with the information presented on the website without interruptions, but due to technical considerations, third-party or other malfunctions, there may be interruptions in the availability of the website. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the site will be available to you at any time and that no financial or other compensation will be given due to the interruption of the service / taking down the site.

Links to external websites do not constitute a guarantee that these are safe, high-quality or reliable websites, and visiting them is done at your own discretion and is the sole responsibility of the user of the website.

The contents offered on the site are the exclusive property of “” and may not be used in a way that goes against what is stated in these regulations, except in cases where it is stated otherwise or in cases where it is stated that the copyright belongs to an external body. In these cases, check the conditions of use in the attached link and act according to the instructions on the external website to which the contents belong.

  • Managing users and website visitors

The website management reserves the right to block any user either by blocking the IP address of his computer, the MACID address of his computer or even according to the country of origin without having to provide an excuse that is acceptable to the surfer.

The website management / website team will do everything in its power to protect the information of website users and/or website customers. In cases where it is possible for a third party to gain access to information, including passport details, it is hereby agreed that surfers, customers and users of the website will not have any claims, claims or demands against the operator and/or the staff of the “” website.

Entering the credit information constitutes your authorization to use the card for the purpose of paying for the service.

The operator does not undertake to save and back up the information entered on the website and will not be held responsible for loss of information.

  • Full Disclosure

This website may use cookie files (especially for registered and subscribed users) and internal statistics interfaces to keep anonymous statistical records of surfers and analyze the movement of the surfer(s), surfing habits on the website and analyze clicks and time spent. At all times and only by surfers connected to the site, the stored information is completely anonymous and does not contain the name of the surfer or any other identifying information.

  • proper use

You must comply with all policies and guidelines displayed on the site and on the page you use. You undertake not to make improper use of the site – for example, to use external aids and methods that are not part of the site’s interface. You may use the website only as permitted by law, and according to the instructions we provide on the website. Any deviation may lead to refusal of service by the site team. It should be noted that the information you enter on the website will be processed and sent to the relevant government office for issuing the visa, therefore providing false information on the website constitutes a criminal offense and any false or misleading statement may lead to the denial of the visa application and/or permanent denial of entry to the countries.

  • Service description

The site offers a service for issuing visas to different countries for a fee. This is the exclusive and only service offered by the site and the site team.
You understand very well that the site team does not take any responsibility for the timing of issuing and sending the visa to the customer. Receiving the visa earlier or later than one date or another is not a reason for refunds or a claim – since the service deals with visa issuance only. without any obligation to consider the client’s schedule.

  • Right of refusal to provide service

The site and the site team reserve the right to choose which customers to provide service to, and which not to. The site and the site staff may not provide service to any person. All this without having to justify the reason for the refusal at all.

  • Warranty of use

In any case of a malfunction, and/or rejection of a request for the issuance of a visa, and/or rejection of a request for the issuance of a permit to obtain a visa, and/or prevention of entry to a certain country – whether temporarily or permanently – is not the responsibility of the site and the site team. You understand the consequences involved in using the site’s services and agree to bear full responsibility in any case as indicated above and you will not have any grievances or claims against the operator and the site staff. The operator will be exempt from any responsibility for cases of disruptions and/or inaccuracies and/or typos and/or printing errors in the context of entering the details by the user on the website and/or delivering the details to the website representative. The user is precluded from claiming against the site owner for damages and losses that may be caused due to such disruptions and errors.

By using the website, you undertake that you will not do one or more of the following:

  1. Impersonating any person or entity, including a representative, employee or manager of the company and/or providing a false description or false representation of a relationship between you and a third party.
  2. Claiming, sending or broadcasting any false and misleading material or material intended to trick a person or any body, directly and/or indirectly.
  3. uploading, sending or transmitting any material containing any type of computer virus or any other computer code, designed to destroy, interfere with, or limit the use (including any use other than fair and reasonable use of the Service) of any of the computers, servers, hardware and / or the software that is used by the company for the purpose of providing the services offered on this website.
  4. Distributing “spam” to the site’s servers, or flooding them with any other mail.
  5. Changing, processing, copying, extracting information, adapting, sublicensing, translating, selling, performing reverse engineering operations, disassembling or reassembling any of the parts of the code that make up the site, including the information base, as well as such operations regarding the hardware and software that are available used for the service.
  6. Placing the website, or any part of it, within a frame of another website (frame) or as part of another website (mirror) without the prior written consent of the company.
  7. Use of any “robot”, “spider”, information retrieval and search engine, or any other automatic or manual tool that is designed to index, retrieve, and locate information on the website or such tool that is designed to reveal the structure of the database and the code on this website.
  8. Interference in any other way, or interruption of the site (including by interfering with the operations of the server and computer network connected to the site or of the computer network connected to it) or violation in one way or another of the requirements and procedures of the site.
  9. Use intended to track another person or harass another person in any way.
  10. Collecting or storing personal information about other users for economic or illegal purposes. Also sale, distribution or any economic use of the information on the site or any other use in a manner that may harm the person to whom the information is relevant.
  • Authorization for word processing and translation

You understand and agree that as part of the site team’s efforts to provide a fast and convenient service to its customers, information entered in the site forms will be translated and/or processed transcribed, at the site team’s discretion. The translation and processing are done in order to adapt the customer’s request on the site to the requirements of the various offices through which the site team issues entry visas. You approve and give the site team a free hand in translating and processing the content you enter on the site.

  • duration of treatment

Statements on the website regarding the time from the moment of using its services until the visa is issued and sent to the customer, are nothing more than informed estimates of the website team due to prior experience in providing this service. These statements should not be seen as any kind of commitment to the speed or times of completion of the service, as these are factors beyond the control of the site and the site staff – such as the conduct of immigration authorities and foreign ministries of foreign governments, holidays, periodic loads, and the like. You are aware and agree that the duration of the service until its completion may be shortened or lengthened due to both expected and unexpected factors.

  • Means of communication

All the dealings of the site and the site team with the customer are done via e-mail (email, mail). You understand and are aware that any attempt to contact you, whether for sending a visa or for any other reason, will be done through an email message that will be sent to the email address entered in the form you sent through our website. The website team may send, among other things, comments and alerts regarding the details you entered in the website forms. You understand that the obligation to frequently check the e-mail address box you entered on the website for updates, messages and requirements from the website and the website team rests with you and is solely your responsibility. This is also true for messages that have been sent to the spam box (Spam), for some reason. The site team does not take responsibility in any case of ignorance on your part about messages sent – even in cases where the site team has stopped processing your request, until an adequate response from you via email.

  • Verification of visa details

You are aware of this and understand that the responsibility for verifying the correctness of the information sent from you to the site, and the responsibility for verifying the correctness of the information sent from the site team to you – lies solely with you. You understand that it is your duty to check the correctness of the details (including names, passport numbers, dates, operating instructions, etc.) from the moment the visa – or any other message from the site or the site team – arrives in your e-mail box. You understand that it is your duty to frequently check your e-mail box, among other things, to be prepared for an unexpected scenario, such as an error in the visa details. Given a situation such as an error in visa details – whether it was caused by the site system or the site team, or whether it was caused by you or any third party – it is your sole duty to immediately report it to the site team by email. The site and the site team are not responsible for any financial loss and/or emotional distress caused as a result of a late report (that is, after a point in time when it was possible to correct and pre-treat the problem) or failure to report an error in the visa and/or in the message sent from the site’s system.

  • Information on the website

You understand very well that the information displayed on the site and information provided by the site team, does not come from an official source. You are aware that the information provided on behalf of the site and the staff, with regard to issues not directly related to visa approval (such as flights, port procedures, airlines, enforcement, laws, etc.) is merely a recommendation, and may not be correct or worthwhile. You will have no claim if it turns out that the information presented on the site and provided by the site team is inaccurate and/or incorrect. All the information provided by the site and the team is intended solely to help the company’s customers, to the best of the team’s knowledge. This does not guarantee the correctness of the details and information.

  • Cancellation Policy

When submitting a form on one of the website’s pages, the website’s systems operate automatically and immediately in order to provide a quick response to the website’s customers. These actions involve, among other things, the payment of visa fees to government immigration authorities and other relevant factors that help the site team to issue entry visas. From the moment of sending any form on the website and payment, there are no refunds for canceling the order. The site team may refuse any request for a refund for cancellation of an order, under any circumstances, in accordance with Section 14C2 of the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, “Cancellation of a remote sales transaction for the provision of tourism services outside of Israel”.

  • Refunds

As part of the electronic visa issuance service, the website team offers a full refund in cases where your visa application was rejected, or if the issuance of the visa and its delivery to you was delayed beyond the planned by more than 7 business days, due to the fault of the website system.
However, there are stipulations that cancel this refund, and release the site and the site team from this obligation: any rejection of an application for approval or rejection of a visa approval the reason for which lies in incorrect and/or inaccurate and/or out-of-date and/or missing information that you have entered in one of the site’s forms , or you have provided the site team with one or more of all the contact methods offered to you on the site. This is also true for details that were provided to the site team late, in situations where the immigration authorities require additional information for the issuance of the visa and allocate a maximum time for receiving an answer. Other stipulations that exempt the website from refunds due to postponement include postponement due to force majeure that is beyond our control, for example extreme weather that cancels flights or a global epidemic such as the corona virus that causes borders to be closed. In addition, if you previously submitted a similar application to that country, and the application was rejected, or alternatively a situation where the application was approved and the visa is still valid.
Any use of the site that violates one or more of the conditions listed on this page will negate the user’s right to receive a refund.

  • Transaction cancellation fees

You are aware and agree that in a situation where the company cancels a transaction that you made with it, including any purchase and/or payment, the company will be entitled to charge you a transaction cancellation fee, in accordance with the language of the law in the State of Israel (5% cancellation fee), including clearing and/or collection fees that have been paid (3-5%) to the payment solution providers that the company implemented on the site.

  • Compensation

You are well aware and understand that the site and the site staff provide visa issuance services only. That is, the final product for which the customer pays, and which he receives, is a visa approval for a specific country, and nothing else. Therefore, the company is not obligated to compensate the amount that exceeds the price you paid for the website service. The company does not take financial responsibility for actions you performed following the use of the service offered by the site – such as booking a flight, accommodations, order changes, etc. In addition, the company is not obligated to compensate for grief, even if it was caused by bad conduct of the website staff.
The company and the website team will not take any responsibility in a situation where a government agency prohibits you or any other customer from entering any country. whether temporarily or permanently. This is also true for situations in which a government entity imposes on you or any other customer a prohibition and/or prevention of the issuance of visas to any country – temporarily and/or permanently.

  • indemnity

You undertake to indemnify the operator, or anyone on his behalf, for any claim, demand, damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or any expense incurred by them – including (reasonable) attorney’s fees and court costs – due to a violation of these regulations and/or a violation the law by him and/or a claim and/or demand of any third party and/or any violation of the terms of the site’s regulations.

  • Jurisdiction area

When you use the website and in the event that any division is discovered, you agree below that the above is under the exclusive jurisdiction of English law using the English court system only in the county of London, England. It is your duty as a recipient of a service who is a resident or citizen of a foreign country or who is at the time in a foreign country, to examine and check whether the service and the terms of use of the service also comply with the laws of the foreign country. The company is unable to adapt the service and the terms of use of the service to the laws of every country in the world. Therefore, it is clarified that you will be solely responsible for any violation of the law of a foreign country if it is committed as a result of using the service.

  • Changes to the terms of use

The terms of use of the site may change at any time, and without any notice, according to the will of the site team. The site system and site staff are not obligated to notify changes of any kind in the terms of use.

  • Privacy Policy

By using the “” website you agree to the site’s privacy policy

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